Recording Drums: The Complete Guide

My new book which covers the subject of recording drums from A to Z

Check out some stuff I've recorded
This is a selected discography with some samples of projects that I have recorded, produced, mixed and mastered over the years.
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Please use the form to submit any questions you may have about recording, mixing mastering, audio in general, or about my book.
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Chapter 16 Audio Files
Downloadable files
This page contains numerous audio files that correspond to the “Real World Example Mic Setups” in Chapter 16 of my book. This will provide a greater understanding..
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I just might do one!
Recording Mighty Mongo @ The Springs Theater-Part Deux (with audio files)
July 2, 2013
by Mike Major
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I wanted to follow up my previous blog with some audio to go with the pretty pictures. If a picture is worth a thousand words then audio associated with that picture should be worth at least 1006, no? You ...